UH Football Helmet with Chinstrap


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Choose the right size ChinStrap

Generally, the size of your ChinStrap will be the same as your helmet size. For example, if you wear an Adult Medium size helmet, select our S-M ChinStrap. If you wear an Adult Large helmet, select our L-XL ChinStrap. For very small children (80lbs or below), we recommend the RX XS (extra small). For very large adults (250lbs +), we recommend the Victory Extra Deep L-XL.

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How to Fit your ChinStrap - Video

Watch this video to see a professional college equipment manager walk you through the process of fitting your ChinStrap.

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How to Get the Right Size & Fit Your ChinStrap

Chinstrap Fitting - Step 1

Step 1:

Have player firmly hold chinstrap centered on his chin.

Chinstrap Fitting - Step 2

Step 2:

Adjust and fasten top straps first. Slide the buckles to line up with the snap post on the helmet. Measure to make certain that the buckles are the same distance from the end of the strap on both sides.

Chinstrap Fitting - Step 3

Step 3:

Adjust the bottom straps by repeating Step 2.

Chinstrap Fitting - Step 4

Step 4:

Check fit by holding helmet by face mask and attempting to move helmet side to side then up and down. There should be no sliding or movement of the helmet. Fit should be snug with equal pressure on both sides of chin.