X-1 GX-4 Gel

Our Hydraulic Action GelPad delivers a perfect fit that conforms to the shape of your face. Our medical grade foam delivers a soft fit.

  • Foam and fabric construction helps prevent slipping
  • Hydraulic Action GelPad conforms to the player's face
  • NASA-engineered, ergonomically designed hard cup
  • 4-point design
  • Splitter allows a fit to low, mid and high hook ups
SKU Product
90001 L-XL White
90008 L-XL Black
81106 L-XL Scarlet Red
81107 L-XL Royal Blue
91001 S-M White
91008 S-M Black
81206 S-M Scarlet Red
81207 S-M Royal Blue

Chinstrap Sizing
L-XL For most players over 150 pounds
S-M For most players under 150 pounds
As low as $24.99